Bali Swing and Ubud Tours

Bali Swing. A place to enjoy a swing and recreation and fill Your wonderful experience while you are swinging by our Friendly Staff. Our Located in the village Bongkasa Pertiwi near from  Ubud Bali.

Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest, also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal, is one of Ubud’s most popular attractions; a natural forest sanctuary that is home to a horde of grey long-tailed macaques. The site is well preserved thanks to a community-based management program. The forest is also conveniently positioned near Ubud Town Centre, and within easy walking distance from guesthouses and resorts along the main roads of Jalan Hanoman and the namesake Jalan Monkey Forest.

Batuan Temple

Batuan Temple is a local Balinese Hindu temple looked after by the local resident of Batuan countryside. The temple is designed very beautiful with full of Balinese ornaments and the roof temple building is made from the fiber of chromatic black palm tree. It is strategically located beside of the main road from Denpasar to Ubud. For over a thousand years, Batuan has been a village of artists and craftsmen, old legends and mysterious tales.

Gold and Silver Smith

Celuk is the silver and gold centre of Bali. The flashier showrooms are on the main road, and have marked prices that are quite high, although you can always bargain.

Batik Weaving

Tohpati Village is a batik home industry, you will undoubtedly experience an overwhelming stimulation of the senses – due to the many colors, patterns and the actual smell of batik. Only through repeated visits and a bit of study will the types of designs and their origins become apparent.


Balinese paintings are well-known for their different styles and artistic themes. Here, we’ll show you what kind of paintings you’ll come across on your bargain hunts at Bali’s art shops and art markets. Everything from traditional dye strokes on canvas, to the more contemporary art pieces, and even quirky items such as Easter egg-like art using eggshells of all sizes… there’s something for every art-lovers’ taste.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall is a waterfall in Bali, Indonesia. It is located at the Tegenungan Kemenuh village, in Gianyar, North from the capital Denpasar and close to the artist village of Ubud. The waterfall is isolated but has become a popular tourist attraction. It is one of the few waterfalls in Bali that is not situated in highlands or mountainous territory. The amount and clarity of the water at the site depends on rainfall but it contains green surroundings with fresh water that can be swum in. The waterfall includes varying highs that can be climbed after the descent down stairs to reach it. This attraction also features a viewing point to the jungle and waterfall at the main entrance.

Butterfly Park

Kemenuh Butterfly Park is Bali’s latest attraction that lets you freely roam through flowering garden enclosures to admire nature’s artistry. The park opened at the turn of 2016, becoming Bali’s second butterfly park after the Bali Butterfly Park in Tabanan. The park is a great stopover on tour itineraries to the Sukawati area, with its art market, the Tegenungan Waterfall, and the Celuk and Mas silver and goldsmith villages all within a near kilometre’s radius.

Itinerary :

  • Swing
  • Monkey forest
  • Batuan temple
  • Gold and Silver Smith
  • Batik weaving
  • Painting
  • Tegenungan waterfall
  • Butterfly park (kemenuh village)

Price start from 600k/pax

Including :

  • Car
  • Petrol
  • Driver
  • Parking fee
  • Entry/ donation

Excluding :

  • Lunch and dinner

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